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How Successful Home Based Businesses Use Marketing Strategies

I’m sure you have heard the statistics that 97% of the people fail in network marketing. One of the reasons this is true is that people don’t have a marketing strategy for their home based business. You need to treat your business like a business. I know this might sound strange, but you would be surprised as to how many people don’t!

Having a marketing strategy will allow you to concentrate on resources that will get you an increase in leads, thus increasing your business and the money that you will make. A course of action is necessary to a targeted prospect. A strategy serves as the foundation of a marketing plan. A plan is where you get specific as to what actions are you going to take to increase your leads. Your leads are the primary source of your business. Once you have leads, you can then have measurable results as to what you are doing; is it working or not?

Write down your goals and what actions are you going to take to achieve these goals. There are various plans you might have to get the qualified leads that you need for your home based business. Some might be:

  • Phone calls
  • Advertising
  • Various Marketing – article, video, forums, blogging, etc.
  • Meetings

Marketing strategies vary depending on the situation. Are they a friend or a stranger? So start to make a list of your strategy and what actions are you going to take to achieve them. This list will be your Method of Operation; include the time allotted for the task, the task, completion date. Do something every day and you will be amazed at the results you will get. Just do not give up, be consistent and the rewards of owning your home based business will be amazing.